Lords of Time is a 110-page booklet desk style calendar featuring the ancient Maya calendar system’s 20-day "months" synchronized with standard Gregorian calendar months. Maya date glyphs are given for each day.  A 37-page introduction illustrates and explains Maya calendar fundamentals.

Calendar photography features images of art, architecture, and
hieroglyphic writing from Maya archaeological sites

This calendar illustrates the ancient Maya’s concept of time as an integral force in an animate, deified cosmos, as they represented it in elaborate full figure calendar glyphs. The example at right depicts the interplay of two Maya time deities — god of the number 9 in red and the bak’tun bird (deity of a 144,000-day period) in green. Read as 9 bak’tuns, it represents a count of more than 3,500 years since Maya Creation Day, when the current Maya Era began.

Cover (5.5” x 8.5”)

Lords of Time Maya Calendar - © ancientime

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